Since 1993, the Japan Festival of Houston has been showcasing Japanese culture through a two-day event in Hermann Park.

We take pride in having developed the festival into one of the most attended events of its type across the United States.

We are also proud that we have been able to consistently offer FREE ADMISSION to festival goers for over 25 years.

As we now welcome over 30,000 visitors to the festival every year, we need your help to sustain the event.

Help us KEEP JAPAN FESTIVAL FREE with a gift from the heart.

  • $10 will help support a cos-player

  • $25 will help supply a koi streamer

  • $100 will help cover the honorarium for a local performer

  • $500 will help secure a tent for cultural activities

  • $2,500 will help bring in out-of-town talent

To donate, click on the button below.