Vendor FAQ

How do I become a vendor?

Please read the information packet and submit an application.

What are the 2018 booth fees?

Your final invoice will reflect the costs below as well as any additional charges incurred by you or your representatives. You will not be charged any fees over and above those listed below without your signature/emailed approval.

What tier should I apply for?

Determinations regarding appropriate tier level will be determined by Japan Festival Houston staff based on the product descriptions provided in your application and confirmed at the festival.

Tier 1: Hand Crafts

Vendors who make all items for sale by hand. Tent 5’x10’ (includes 1 -72″x30″ table + 2 chairs): $300

Tier 2: Non-Retail

Groups who do not sell any items or charge any money for any of the activities at their booth.|Tent 10’x10’ (includes 1 72″x30″ table + 2 chairs): $500

Tier 3: Commercial

All commercial retailers must use this tier. Tent 10’x10’ (includes 1 72″x30″ table + 2 chairs): $700

Tier 4: Concessionaire

All concessionaires and food vendors must use this tier. Tent 10’x10’ (includes 1 72″x30″ table + 2 chairs + flooring): $1000

Tier 5: Food Trucks

Due to space limitations, no more than 5 food trucks will be accepted to the Houston Japan Festival. Selection preference will be given to vendors specializing in Japanese or Japanese inspired cuisine. Space for one food truck: $700

What booth options are available?

  • Vinyl Tent Sides: $10 per side
  • Tent Flooring: $150 per 10×10 tent (included in Tier 4 tents)
  • Chairs: $5 per chair (2 chairs are included with every tent)
  • Table: $20 per table (1 table is included with every tent)
  • Electricity: $300 per 110v, 20A outlet.* (Please see the Japan Festival Electrical Needs Form.)
  • Propane: $300 (per tent)
  • Food Permit: $150 per permit
  • Ice Service: $8 per bag (purchased during event)
  • Golf Cart: $50 per 30 minutes of exclusive scheduled use.
  • Late fee (if not paid in full within 30 days of Festival date ): $100
  • On-site rentals subject to a 25% surcharge

The above prices reflect cash or check payment discount.  Credit card payment of fees is also available with a 5% processing fee.

If your application is accepted, we will send you an invoice for those items you require from the above list.

Our preferred rental contractor will contact you regarding additional power needs you may have.  Should propane be necessary for your tent, we will obtain your propane permit for you at your cost.

*Food Truck vendors with propane permits and food permits do not need to purchase these from the festival.